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So here’s another round of late night thoughts. And this question isn’t necessarily rhetorical— so please feel free to enlighten me, because I’m obviously a dumbass or something in this department. But anyway, I reblogged a post earlier this evening that said something like, “‘text me when you get home’ actually means ‘I love you, get home safe’”. Where or how do people make these translations? Like, idk if I’m just oblivious, or dense or stupid or what.. but how do you even interpret that? This is a literal question, cuz if I knew that, then holy shit that would’ve put a lot of things into a totally different perspective to me; like it could’ve been game-changer status if I knew this shit like just 3 or 4 weeks ago. And then that opens up another question: depending on how obvious a sign like this may or may not actually be, if I can’t even interpret that, what else am I ignorant and oblivious to??? And then vice versa, am I sending out unintentional signals from the seemingly unrelated things I say/do? I be feeling like John Snow right about now; like I seriously know nothing (it seems).

I’m sorry, but the amount of effort into making this snapchat was just too great. Lololol